St. James Concert Series

St. James Concert Series


Local Composer's Corner

November 16, 2014

Ronald Randall


The Miserere is based on the Latin liturgical text of a Requiem Mass. Ron has been a professional musician most of his life, originally as a French Hornist. He began studying music at an early age under the tutelage of his mother, learning to read music before he learned to read words. As a teenager, he began studies in composition, theory and arranging which included classes at San Francisco State University. He has written numerous works for various instrumentations including a symphony and a ballet. He is the Musical Director for the Pine Cone Singers and Director of the Sonora Master Chorale. The Master Chorale joins him for this performance.

Pamela Brown

Pamela Brown is a native Californian and holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. She worked as a Public Health Nurse, labor and delivery room nurse and school nurse, in the Bay Area as well as Sonora. However, her passion and heart has always been with music and she served as a choir director for a large church for a number of years. It was there that Pamela began composing sacred music. While she claims to be no virtuoso, either on voice or piano, for this concert she has sought out virtuosos in both areas: Gail Johnson, pianist and Sheila Low, soprano. She will present His House In Me from Psalm 27:4, Consider Him from Psalm 33, Psalms 149-150 and, on a lighter note, Pinochle.

Joy Willow

Joy Willow closes the first half of the program with improvisational piano and poetry. Joy teaches voice through Columbia College, Sonora Children’s Theater and the Connecting Waters Charter School. She is a painter, a singer, a pianist and an accomplished poet. With a marriage of skills, Joy presents what she calls compositions without musical scaffolding. She comes to the piano with no prior ideas of melody, harmony, rhythm, nor even key center. She attempts pure improvisation, emptying herself of ideas as much as possible in order to follow the emergent sounds. The textural matrix that is created with piano and voice allows her text, an original poem, to emerge more spontaneously as well. She feels it is a matter of "closing your eyes and walking through a rather narrow gate."


Patti Hennessee

"One We"

A piece for SATB that has a highly contrapuntal structure and is based on a Gambian rhythm that weaves in and out of a 7/4 meter. The lyrics repeat examples of commonalities among people and the global features we share. The singers are Ron Randall, Baritone, Carl Rudolph, Tenor, Carol Woods, Alto and Kathy Rudolph, Soprano.

"Losing Love to Time"

This piece features Mary Kelly as the vocal soloist and is scored for flute, violins, cellos and harp. It is a tribute to the composer's father who passed away from cancer at the age of 48. It utilizes lush traditional western European harmony and speaks to the heart break of moving on with life with only a cherished memory to hold on to. The musicians include June Diggle, Flute, Alice Williams and Ralph Retherford, Cello, Merel Jacobs, Violin, and Charlie Accurso, Violin. Patti will play the harp part on a synthethizer.


In Norse mythology, Ragnarök is a series of future events, including a great battle foretold to ultimately result in the death of a number of major figures including the gods Odin, Thor and others. The Old Norse "Fate of the Gods" and "Twilight of the Gods" respectively, is a usage popularized by 19th-century composer Richard Wagner with the title of the last of his Der Ring des Nibelungen operas, Götterdämmerung (1876). This piano solo interpretation begins with sweeping arpeggios that move into syncopated, chunky phrases evoking a fierce conflict of wills.

Daryl Hollinger

"From Every Corner: Diverse Organ Preludes "

  I. Blessed Assurance (ASSURANCE)
 II. The God of Abraham Praise (YIGDAL)
III. Praise and Thanksgiving Be to God (CHRISTE SANCTORUM)

Closing the program is music by Daryl Hollinger, composer, organist, choral director and college instructor. Daryl was recently named as Adjunct Faculty of Music at Columbia College. He teaches Music History and is the Director of the Columbia College Community Chorus. He is also currently Director of Music at First Congregational Church of Stockton. Until he moved to Calaveras County, he served as Dean of the Chapel, Seminary Musician and Adjunct Professor of Worship and Music at Lancaster Theological Seminary for 14 years and directed the Ephrata Cloister Chorus for 18 years. He has been active as a church musician for over 30 years and has given concerts in Europe and the United States. As a composer, Daryl is commissioned by choral groups, congregations and national organizations. For the Composers’ Corner program, he has selected three compositions from his collection entitled From Every Corner: Diverse Organ Preludes: Blessed Assurance on the Hymn Tune Assurance; The God of Abraham Praise on the Hymn Tune Yigdal and Praise and Thanksgiving Be to God on the Hymn Tune Christe Sanctorum.